Justin Ham

General Manager

Justin is an eclectic and widely experienced hospitality manager. With more than 18 years in the industry and experience with 4 celebrated brands, he has a wealth of operational knowledge to pull from.  As part of the pre-opening team for Hotel Covington, he helped create the ambiance that sets Hotel Covington apart.

With a welcoming smile and an eager ear Justin continues to develop a winning team held to the highest of standards. He would tell you that “Hospitality starts at Home”, and for many, this is most evident in his attention to their lives. His example has helped fashion a crew that exemplifies care and thoughtfulness. From reservation to check out, he monitors the details of each guest and takes pride in their delight with our “House”. He is quick to find a solution to any problem and can be counted on to marry creativity with business.

While Justin makes everyone feel like family, the spark in his eye comes from his own beautiful wife and their 2 children.  He is an avid soccer fan and supporter of FC Cincinnati. As a lifelong resident of Covington, he is looking forward to greater things from the hotel and will continue to blaze a trail for the boutique experience.

Megan Dillon

Director of Food & Beverage

Megan Dillon is a Northern Kentucky native, born and raised in Melbourne Ky.  She spent the majority of her 20’s living in Nashville Tennessee, honing her skills in hospitality, but this wasn’t always her plan.  What started out as bartending to pay the rent while pursuing a career in music, quickly evolved into a world of endless opportunity, networking and where she found a real sense of community.  She watched as the city’s movers and shakers would gather at the local bars and restaurants to do business, and decided she wanted a seat at the table so to speak. She found ways to use her creativity to grow business, create memorable experiences for guests, build amazing teams, and innovate systems and processes within the business.

With hard work and dedication, she quickly moved up the ranks from a bartender, to lead bartender, to Assistant General Manager, until she finally took on her first General Manager role at age 28. In 2017, Megan decided to take her passion for the hospitality industry and all that Music City had taught her back home to Kentucky and joined the Hotel Covington team as Food & Beverage Manager for our Coppin’s restaurant. What began as a Manager position became a home for Dillon!

She is thrilled to now join the executive team as Director of Food & Beverage and lead Coppin’s restaurant to it’s successful future!

Bill Westendorf

Director of Engineering

Bill Westendorf has been taking things apart to fix them since age 8 and seriously enjoys figuring out how everything works. Right out of high school he started with a maintenance team and has worked his way into being one of the most sought-after people at Hotel Covington. For anything broken from HVAC’s to pens, Bill knows how to fix the problem. For more than 15 years he has been developing the skills to keep any house in shape, and what better challenge than the historic Hotel Covington.

From before the Hotel’s inception, Bill has been a force in balancing functionality with design, all while highlighting the timeless beauty of our property. His sense of humor sets people at ease and he is a big reason the people at Hotel Covington have the confidence to tackle any obstacle. He would tell you that he just likes to fix things, but his team knows that he does so much more than just keep things working.

When Bill isn’t at Hotel Covington keeping all the moving pieces moving, he could be found taking on extra projects, sustaining his own home, or tooling around in his garden. Yet he still finds time to play games with his son and ride 4-wheelers around their 10 acres. Hotel Covington will keep bringing home the gold as long as Bill is there to face down the hurdle and keep us going.

Jim Swain

Director of Revenue

Jim Swain may be our Director of Revenue, but he would tell you he is the Director of Fun. Born and raised right here in Northern Kentucky Jim is a knowledgeable local with a penchant for hospitality. Jim started in this industry right out of college just across the street from Hotel Covington. He spent the last 16 years working his way through sales and revenue for other area hotels, but at last he has come home to lead our team.

Jim brings his considerable skills to us at just the right time. With his guidance Hotel Covington has earned distinction as one of the best hotels in the area, and he is hard at work making sure we stay on top. Jim is a great sounding board for all thing’s hospitality and with his diverse experience he can get to the bottom of even the most obscure problems.

Along with traveling, he loves dining out and can regularly be found soaking in the sun at a Reds or Bengals game. With a bit of a sweet tooth, he recommends Graeter’s as his favorite local snack, and is willing to play concierge when you can catch him for our guests passing through. Jim is thrilled to be a part of the Hotel Covington Team, and it shines through all our success.