Served Daily, 6:30AM-11:00AM

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Orange Poppy Seed Pancakes
whole wheat, sunflower, whipped ricotta, maple syrup
French Toast
Banana’s Fosters, walnuts, cinnamon
Roebling Benedict
Glier’s goetta, house made English muffin, wilted spinach
Farmer’s Omelet
farm cheese, spinach, roasted mushrooms
Sixteen Bricks Quinoa Toast
smashed avocado, frisee, poached egg
My Artisano Yogurt
mixed berries, house granola
HotCov Granola
honey, toasted almonds, milk
Steel Cut Irish Oatmeal
salted pecans, sorghum, dried fruit
eggs, potatoes, toast, choice of protein (goetta, sausage, bacon)
Shrimp & Grits
Weisenberger white grits, andouille, caramelized onions
*add egg
The Morning Line
chorizo, egg, pimentadew, English Muffin, breakfast potatoes
Smoked Salmon
pickled onions, cucumbers, capers, everything bagel


Applewood Bacon
Breakfast Sausage
Gliers Goetta
Country Potatoes
Shagbark Grits
Biscuits & Gravy
House Made English Muffin
Free Range Egg
Fruit Plate
Mixed Berries


Carabello Coffee, refillable
Fresh-Squeezed Juice

Consuming raw or undercooked meat, seafood, poultry or eggs may increase your risk for foodborne illness.

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