Blink 2022

“In the last year alone, world-building has become a primary facet of art. People from all over the world are drawn to experiences that surround them and place them within the artist’s vision. With the recent surge in emerging technology, creators are able to realize new artistic feats, transporting viewers on both a small scale and a much larger one.

Enter BLINK™, the nation’s largest light, art, and projection mapping experience, returning to Cincinnati for the first time since 2019 at the perfect time, bringing with it transcendent works across mediums. Sitting at the crossroads of innovative art and new technology, BLINK embodies the spirit of world-building, connecting artists who craft their own unique environments within the Cincinnati cityscape. This immersion within immersion transports attendees, unlike any other event, simultaneously encouraging the seemingly impossible combination of escapism and mental presence.”

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Check out George Berlin’s Projection Mapping on climate change by George Berlin Studios